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Career Prospects

The career prospect of a Liberal Arts graduate is limitless, due to the very nature of the programme. In an age where jobs are few and applicants many, candidates are not only required to be adept at their respective fields of specialisation, but they are also expected to have the capacity to adapt to any given situation, be good problem solvers and be able to multi-task. A four years rigorous training in the Liberal Arts system will thus naturally make the students a cut above the rest.  Given the inter-disciplinarity of the programme, Liberal Arts graduates would be eligible for almost any career. Journalism, business, advertising, civil services, writing, research, NGOs, academics, policy and financial analysis, banking and public relations are just some of the careers that students can opt for, right after their graduation.

Another unique advantage for the Liberal Arts graduates is that unlike most other graduates, they do not have to rely solely on getting “placed” by the Institute where they study. SSLA, in this sense, does not just act as a placement agency which only focuses on ensuring jobs for the students; rather, we make the students confident enough to stand on their own feet and create their own jobs with their unique combination of subjects. For instance, someone with a major in Biology and a minor in Business Studies could start their own pharmaceutical company; a student with a Political Science major and a Film Studies minor could enter the field of political activism by making political documentaries; someone with a combination like Psychology and Anthropology could get into the marketing department of a company, using their knowledge to analyse consumer behaviour, which depends on the psychological and cultural makeup of the people. The bottom line is that Liberal Arts students have the potential to turn an otherwise bizarre-sounding combination of subjects into a successful, unconventional career.

Most students opt for higher studies after graduation. A degree in Liberal Arts provides that foundational ground for other specialised careers. It prepares the students for the competitive exams for post graduate studies. Most MBA colleges look for students who have different academic backgrounds. A Liberal Arts student, being able to bring to the table the knowledge of various fields, would naturally have an edge over other regular graduates.

In a nutshell, a degree in Liberal Arts makes the students effective thinkers and communicators, who are not only well-read, but also possess qualities like inter-personal and analytical skills, adaptability and multi-tasking, which are extremely valuable in today’s world. Moreover, while SSLA prepares one for a successful career, it also prepares them to be the harbingers of creative, social and political change.

Career Cell

Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts has a vibrant career cell that is constituted by the Director and two permanent faculty members, along with three representatives of the student body. Being a liberal arts college, SSLA offers students various subjects to specialize in. This is a big boon to students when it comes to placements because they have access to people within various industry sectors. This exposure to the various facets of industry gives them a detailed and wide ranging understanding of the contemporary job market and also opens their eyes to the myriad opportunities they have the opportunity to pursue.

SSLA, like any other educational institute, cannot guarantee placement. However, it is our earnest endeavor to facilitate a smooth transfer from the life of a student to that of a working professional in the student’s chosen field of specialization.

The career cell manages five broad areas of activity within SSLA:

1. Counseling for choosing majors & minors

Picking the right major and minor is an important aspect of a college education. SSLA does everything it can to help the student in this process. Regular workshops, guest lectures and interactions with experts are organised in the second semester of every year in order to acquaint students with various academic & industry aspects of the majors and minors on offer.

2. Study Abroad Programs

Students at SSLA are provided with the option of studying one semester at a foreign university. SSLA allows a direct transfer of necessary credits so that the student doesn't loose any time as a result of having availed of this opportunity. For more information on the study abroad programs, please download this presentation.

3. Industry Internships

The team interacts with various professionals through diverse channels open to SSLA in order to facilitate student internships. These internships are mandatory as part of the SSLA curriculum and students who perform well during the internship are often able to translate this into future job opportunities. Students, for an overiew of all internship related information, please click here.

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4. Post-SSLA Job Placements

Within this domain, the team interacts and liaises with industry participants across various sectors in an effort to create strong and lasting ties between SSLA and industry at large. This will serve students well at the end of their four years here when they are in search of the right job, and not just any job.

5. Post-Graduate Education

‚ÄčThe career cell team helps research and zero in on appropriate post graduate study programs as per the students specific academic interest/s. The team would work with students individually in deciding which program in which university would be appropriate for them, whether within India or abroad.