Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

Current Events

Faculty Course Type Credits Prerequisites Semester
Ms. Shyama Dutta General 4 None Any

 Brief Overview 

Current Events is a course structured to give the student an understanding of current issues in areas as wide as sports, politics, culture, history, science, economics, finance etc. In this course an event like NH7 will hold as much importance as FDI or IPL, or a current political revelation. We will make an attempt to look beyond the obvious and trace the path of the events evolution. The course emphasizes research done by the student covering topics that hold meaning in today’s life. 

 Course Objectives 

Students in this course will be able to –

  • Relate events happening around to life and make several “isms” and concepts relevant
  • Develop an interest in society and an action oriented attitude to issues pertaining to the society
  • Develop sensitivity towards social issues.

 Teaching Methodology 

The course is conducted mostly through interaction based lecture method, with regular class leads by the students, film screenings, research, etc. The students also conduct case studies.


Students are expected to –

  • Complete all required reading for each scheduled class as per the course outline,
  • Actively participate in class activities and discussions, and
  • Complete all evaluative processes for successful course completion!