Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

Literature & Gender

Faculty Course Type Credits Prerequisites Semester
Ms. Bandana Ghosh Elective 4 None Any

 Brief Overview 

This course will analyse the effects of gender on human imagination and consequently, the works of art such as essays, novels, shorts stories, poems and plays -- which are the voices of collective consciousness, and also explore the female and male voice as evidenced in Literature by women and about women by male authors. The course will strengthen and free student’s voices by questioning traditional assumptions and arbitrary norms of patriarchy through creative and passionate discourse. 

 Course Objectives 

Students in this course will be able to –

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the intersection of gender with other structures of power such as Race and Class 
  • Demonstrate an ability to read with comprehension, appreciation, and speaking and writing with clarity and cogency, fulfils the oral communication component of general education by helping to present information and ideas in a clear and confident manner.
  • Appreciate the aesthetic and intellectual pleasures provided by Literature
  • Find many ways to connect with theoretical knowledge about gender with his or her own life and the lives of others in the class, with a more inclusive understanding of Humanity and creativity – opening a new aperture on the world. 

 Teaching Methodology 

The course is conducted mostly by the interaction based lecture method, with PowerPoint presentations, audio versions of poetry (as well as the essays, if available); play-reading, staging of plays; film screening of i) the fiction component ii) biography of the authors iii) background of literature; class discussions, symposia, and applicability of the readings to real life situations.


Students are expected to –

  • Complete all required reading for each scheduled class as per the course outline,
  • Actively participate in class activities and discussions, and
  • Complete all evaluative processes for successful course completion!