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Women and Gender Studies

This course offers an introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, an interdisciplinary academic field that explores critical questions about the meaning of gender in society. The main aim of this course is to familiarize students with key issues, questions and debates in Women's and Gender Studies scholarship, both historical and contemporary. The course critically looks at the construction of gendered identities and sexuality and analyses the themes of gender and performance and power in a range of spheres, such as marriage and family, law, media, culture and literature, work and environment. It hopes to help the students question the meaning of gender in a multiple ways and of how as an organising principle of society it intersects with caste, race, and class for example.

This course invites students to critically examine not only the theoretical and socio-cultural concept of gender but also enables students to engage with the social understandings of gender and the powerful role that gender plays in the arenas of family, personal relationships, community (local and global), education, politics, work, the media, women’s health, sexualities, security and the environment. The course will analyze the history of systemic gender prejudice and gender discrimination and its consequences for women and men. Moreover, we will discuss both individual and collective strategies for social equality and social change.

Course Code Semester Course Title Cont. Assess FInal Eval Credits Marks
  (Paper 1 ) Introduction to Women and Gender Studies        
  (Paper 2) Women in India        
  (Paper 3) Understanding Feminism        
  (Paper 4)

Women and Work

  (Paper 5) Socialisation and Sexuality        
  (Paper 6) Representation of Gender in Image and World        
  (Paper 7) Women and Environment Eco-Feminism        
  (Paper 8) Gender Justice and Law        
  (Paper 9) Class Caste Race and Patriarchy        
  (Paper 10) Women in Conflict and Peace Process        
    Total 480 / 360 120 / 240 24 600