Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

Introduction to Theater Making


The introductory course will help students appreciate and understand the art of theatre making. The course will introduce students to various tools and fundamental principles of theatre making process, through which they will gain a deeper understanding of, the role of performer as creator, the construction and the creation process.

 Course Objectives 

  1. Understanding the role of performer in the creation process, where the performer is not just an actor but also the creator and the relationship of the performer and the audience.
  2. Understanding the devising process of theatre making.
  3. The course seeks to enhance the physical, emotional, imaginative and cognitive playfulness of the performer.
  4. The process will also initiate students to the dramatic construction in theatre through collective theatre making process.

 Teaching Methodology 

This module combines lectures, practical classes, mentoring of practice, observation and critical analysis of work in progress, group projects, use of visual aids and field trips