Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

Family Law

Faculty Course Type Credits Prerequisites Semester
Sonali Shrikhande Minor 4 Law Minor 4

 Brief Overview 

The course structure proposed here aims to provide adequate legal perspective to the basic concepts relating to Family as an institution. It also aims to give an overview of some of the current problems arising out of inequalities that are writ large in many of the Family related concepts. The students are to be encouraged to view Family Law as not just a part of our Legal System based on Personal Laws but also to as a vehicle of achieving democratic values enshrined in constitutional directives in a progressive way.

 Course Objectives 

  • Understand and appreciate the legal framework on which the institution of marriage is based
  • Understand the larger significance of the legalities of marriage as a part of the constitution of India.
  • Grasp how family law can be used to bring about desirable social change. 

 Teaching Methodology 

The course is conducted mostly by the interaction based lecture method, with regular discussions on case laws, case studies, moot courts, etc.


Students are expected to –

  • Complete all required reading for each scheduled class as per the course outline,
  • Actively participate in class activities and discussions, and
  • Complete all evaluative processes for successful course completion!