Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

Criminal Justice Administration

Faculty Course Type Credits Prerequisites Semester
Sonali Shrikhande Minor 4 Law Minor 5

 Brief Overview 

The Law and Order maintenance of a given society involves striking a balance of conflicting interests. Criminal Law has to be just, fair and reasonable to the accused as well as to the victim. It also imposes a duty upon those connected with it to abide by law and to exercise discretions conferred upon them in a judicious way. Criminal Justice Administration involves a blend of all these socio-political aspirations and the institutional means to achieve them. Any criticism against any system of criminal justice cannot be fairly pitched until one gets a fish eye view of what it is like to be managing competing goals in a volatile ,pluralistic social environment we call India. The course is meant to appraise the students with some fundamentals about concept of Crime and the way Justice Administration is carried on in our society, with the challenges that it faces today and also the inherent pitfalls that it grapples to surmount.      

 Course Objectives 

  • To be able to develop all round perspective to look at phenomena of Crime
  • To be able to co relate tasks of various stake holders in Criminal justice Administration
  • To cultivate a balanced view point towards some of the systemic soft spots.
  • To be able to have a basic idea of working of judicial and administrative paraphernalia. 

 Teaching Methodology 

The course is conducted mostly by the interaction based lecture method, with regular discussions on case laws, case studies, moot courts, etc.


Students are expected to –

  • Complete all required reading for each scheduled class as per the course outline,
  • Actively participate in class activities and discussions, and
  • Complete all evaluative processes for successful course completion!