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Imagery in Creative Writing

 Brief Overview 

In this 60 hour course, I will teach my students the art of concentrating on images. Images and how they work on our psychic. Not easy, for this subject is so subtle and ephemeral, the minute you try to pin it down, it escapes like an eel. So slippery!

So how do I intend to expose students, who are just out of plus 11, to this level of artistic maturity? Simply by exposing them to the various fine arts like – poetry, haiku, tanka, water colour painting, ikebana, abhinaya in Bharatanatyam, in Kathak, nature walks. Talk about the various tools that we use on a general basis in the East.

 Course Objectives 

  • Classify and distinguish between the different art forms and how the “Art of Communication” is the core purpose common in all art forms. To be able to connect/ to communicate.
  • Express - critical appreciation of the art forms that the students will be exposed to, will be encouraged. After each exposure to an art form, they will be encouraged to write a fictional piece , a short poem.
  • Recognize - what is concrete imagery and what is not.
  • Review- To be able to edit and look critically at one’s own work. A very valuable tool. This was done by workshopping their writing during the class hours.

 Teaching Methodology 

  • Lecture through examples of the various art forms like Indian dance, Indian classical music, painting, poetry, nature walks and drama.
  • Nature Walks. 1. Bhamburda Forest Hill. 2. Khadakwasla Dam
    Nature Walks are usually as an organized group. However, it is not necessarily a group event and can be an enjoyable experience on one’s own. I call my students ‘nature lovers’ and ask them to keep all their five senses – sight, smell, sound, touch and taste alive as they walk. At the end of this walk – we return to our starting point – find a good place to sit and write poems or any creative writing. Then these writings are read out by each student and discussed.
  • The assessment will be done in three levels.
    • One is their practical exposure to the various faculty members’ session and how each student responds.
    • Their written work will be assessed on how they stand in imagery, whether they are original in bringing out imagery, in their storytelling capacity.
    • Their last assignment on 3rd December will be how to perform their own writing, be it a poem or a short story on stage. It can be with instruments, or with drums, or anything


It would work wonders if they love the magic that words create in one’s mind and have a respect for mother nature. 

 Course Outline 

This is a practical course and the exposure to the students will be on experimental basis. Such a course has not been conducted and it has to be tried out to see the efficacy .

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Poetry and short writings & Nature walks

30 –Hrs


Indian Classical dance and Abhinaya

10 hrs



10 hrs



10 hrs