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Indian Constitution

 Brief Overview 

Indian society has changed rapidly since independence. A proper understanding of changing texture of crimes and methods of controlling them is essential to understand Indian’s better. To know India’s development, knowing the socioeconomic and political undercurrents of crimes is extremely critical. The students can utilize this knowledge to contribute their bit in creating a just and humane society. The course structure outlines here attempts to bring in these perspectives to the law of crimes in India.

 Teaching Methodology 

The methodology of teaching will initially be lecture method as most of the students will be exposed to concepts relating to the Indian Penal Code for the very first time in their academic careers. However, the lecture method will be substantially corroborated by participative activities such as students being asked to argue cases based on Conflicting points (Moot Court), or students to draft a legal opinion about applicability of some legal provision to a factual situation (Opinion Writing) and discussing articles or theme papers on various doctrines /cases to initiate a critical analysis of the view expressed therein (critical Comment).