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The Poetic Body, Absurd and the Surreal

 Brief Overview 

This course will help students develop a better understanding of "the physical body, the subtle body, and the collective body we all have in common". The exploration of the dynamic relationships between these different bodies will provoke your physical and emotional imagination, creative intuition and personal playfulness, initiating awareness of what is called the Poetic Body. The poetic body is at the heart of dramatic creation of new work.

The course will then lead on to exploring the universe of the absurd and the surreal. The course will focus on understanding the underlying structures and principals of these dramatic territories, which requires a highly transposed level of play. It will also push you to go beyond existing forms in order to create your own work.

 Course Objectives 

  1. To develop creative intuition, playfulness and gaining deeper awareness of the human body in performance
  2. To gain tools and develop skills to create new performance work in the territory of absurd and the surreal
  3. To gain deeper understanding of dramatic creation on to the stage and develop new performance structures 
  4. To understand different viewpoint techniques of Space, Time, Rhythm and Character Development 
  5. To understand various levels of play, transposition and the dynamic space 

 Teaching Methodology 

  1. Mime, Neutral Mask, Jacques Lecoq, Movement analysis, Viewpoints, Contact Improvisation, Devising work
  2. This module combines particle classes, lectures, reading material, mentoring of practice, observation and critical analysis of work in progress, group projects, solo work, use of visual aids and field trips.


Anyone who wishes to apply for this course should have gone through ‘Introduction to theatre making’ or should have a strong dance or movement background.

 Course Outline 





Neutral Mask: The Poetic body

o   Fundamental journey

o   Elements and materials

o   Pull and Push

o   Off-balance

20 hrs


Absurd and The Surreal

o   Introduction to the territory

o   Understanding the underlying principal and dramatic structures

o   Levels of play and transposition

o   Understanding character creation and construction process

25 hrs


Creation Work

o   Improvisation and Devising process

o   Group Project/ Final Presentation



15 hrs