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Experiencing Music Globally

 Brief Overview 

This course provides a broad, culturally comparative framework for understanding the basic elements of musical sound, including rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony, texture, timbre, form, acoustics, notation etc. Though primarily serving as a foundation for students with no background in music, this course also provides new ways of thinking about music for students grounded in a particular musical traditions, thus helping them expand their musical horizons and inspire their future creations. Students will also be encouraged to think about the relationship between musical sound and the social and cultural context out of which it has arisen. However, the primary focus is neither on discrete cultural areas nor historical eras, but on sound.

 Course Objectives 

This course will enable students to:

  • identify various elements of musical sound in selected examples;
  • classify those elements according to their particular behavior;
  • consider how different musical elements relate to each other in various musical contexts; and
  • explain the relationship that particular sounds might have to the cultural or social context out of which it has arisen.