Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts



This course has been created for beginners and is intended to enable basic communication using the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students learn to read and write German alphabets, words and sentences and build up a basic vocabulary. 

 Course Objectives 

  • Students will be able to recognize, construct, understand and use simple sentences. They will also be able to communicate and deal with various situations in daily life ( e.g. at the airport, in a supermarket, at the Hotel etc)
  • Students should be able to introduce themselves and others and talk about others and themselves e.g. their hobbies and personal details like where they come from etc. Likes/ dislikes, acceptances / refusals etc
  • Students will develop text comprehension of medium difficulty level and application of the learnt language. Can communicate in a simple manner. Can respond to simple and uncomplicated speech.
  • Students will develop intercultural and communicative skills.

 Teaching Methodology 

Stress will be on direct teaching methodology. There will be minimum usage of English or any other Language. The students are motivated to speak and understand the foreign language with the help of visual aids. The teacher enacts at times in the class or takes help of visual aids for the same. Role plays and games are conducted to evaluate and help the students apply the knowledge acquired. Cultural sensitization is done with the help of various activities such as discussions, songs or reading material etc. There are a lot of activity based tasks with little help from the first or second Language. 



 Course Outline 

S.No. Topic Hours
1. Introduction to Germany. Self Introduction. Basics (months, weekdays, numbers etc). Basic Grammar  15
2. Situations: at the Airport, In a Restaurant , At the hotel 15
3. Class room Language. Requests and orders. Vocabulary related to stationary. Related Grammar 15
4.  Countries, Nationalities / cities etc. Map reading. Geographical locations neighboring countries Related Grammar. 15