Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

Digital Designing


Adobe Photoshop is a high-end image-editing software for Multimedia Professionals like photographers, designers, animators and graphic producers.

Adobe Photoshop application delivers the broadest and most productive toolset available for web production, print production & digital photography. We can explore our
creativity, work at peak efficiency and achieve the highest quality results across all media

It provides integrated tools for creating and outputting crisp, editable vector shapes & text. With these new tools, we can incorporate resolution – independent, vector based graphics and type into pixel based images to achieve an unparalleled range of design effects. 

 Course Objectives 

  • Image editing, Retouching image, Color Correction
  • Get a strong grasp on Layouts & Text design
  • Apply their knowledge in creating high end digital design and Layouts

 Teaching Methodology 

  • Verbal teaching with the help of visual aids
  • Practical examples shown in the classroom, wherever applicable
  • Self-study forms a part of the teaching pedagogy
  • Practical sessions in the computer lab, which include carrying out the examples of programs covered as per the subject, in the course contents and theory sessions.

 Course Outline 

S.No. Topic Hours
1. An Overview of Photoshop
o Basic Concept of Pixel base application
o Basic Concept of Color Theory
o User Interface for Photoshop
o Basic tools in Photoshop
12 hrs
2. Image enhancement using filters.

Extracting part of an image using extract filter, using liquify filter for distorting images, Designing backgrounds with pattern maker filter, adding perspective effect to images using vanishing point filter, enhancing images using various Photoshop filters.
12 hrs
3. Working with layers.

Concept of layers, linking and grouping layers, layer blending modes, changing layer opacity, creating fill layers, rasterizing text & fill layers, layer matting.Applying layer effects and Masking layers.Applying layer effects & styles to enhance images, Masking images using layer mask, clipping mask & vector mask, arranging & merging layers, Masking images using quick mask mode to create selection.
12 hrs
4. Colour and tonal adjustments.
Adjusting the image tones using levels, curves & colour balance command, adjusting the brightness & contrast of images, applying photo filters & shadow and highlight effects to the images, colour adjustment of images by changing the hue, saturation & colour contrast of images, using variations, threshold & posterise commands.
12 hrs
5. Adjustment layers, working with channels and understanding colour separation.
Applying adjustment settings on layers through adjustment layers, understanding the concept of channels and importance of channels in printing, saving selections and creating selections, understanding Colour separation process, creating spot colour channels.
4 hrs
6. Understanding bitmap file formats.

Understanding common bitmap file formats used in Photoshop, like .PSD, .JPEG, TIFF, .GIF, .PNG, .EPS, .BMP.
4 hrs
7. Automation in Photoshop.

Introduction to actions, using actions palette: recording actions, inserting stops and setting modal controls, using batch command to execute a recorded action on batch of files. Creating a PDF file, creating .exe (droplet) for an action, colour mode change, contact sheet, cropping & resizing images, creating a picture package & web gallery, understanding the use of photomerge & merge to HDR options.
2 hrs
8. Introduction to vector base application Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator 2 hrs
Introduction to Illustrator and designing with basic shape tools.

Introduction to Illustrator and its applications, Illustrator workspace and interface, Navigating around the document, viewing artwork, Page setup, shape tools, selecting, cut, copy and pasting objects, grouping and arranging objects, Illustrator file formats.
4 hrs
10 Coloring and transforming objects.

How to use color palette, color guide and swatches palette, changing strokes using Strokes palette, Transforming shapes using transformation tools, Erasing and cutting shapes.
2 hrs
11 Using gradients and editing and drawing custom vector object shapes.

Using gradient tool and gradient palette, Concept of vector paths, nodes and segment, Editing shapes using direct selection tool, Drawing custom vector shapes using pen and pencil tools, Changing path shape using add and delete anchor point tool , convert anchor point tool, smooth and reshape tool, aligning the objects using align palette.
4 hrs
12 Typography and using text tools.

Different types of texts and text tools in Illustrator, Converting text to vector object, Wrapping text, Character and paragraph palette, glyphs, What is typography, typeface and fonts, typographical oriented design.
2 hrs
13 Distorting shapes.

Using Liquify tools and envelope for distorting object shapes. Using live paint options for coloring objects.
2 hrs
14 Using brushes.

Different types of brushes and brush palette, creating custom brush shapes, Using brush libraries.
4 hrs
15 Using Symbols and blending objects.

Understanding the meaning of symbol and instance, Importance and need of using symbols, using symbols palette and creating custom symbols, Using symbol tools to change a symbol set, Blending objects using blend tool, Creating graphic styles and using graphic styles palette. Creating graphic styles using appearance palette.
4 hrs
16 Using gradient mesh and transparency and clipping vector objects and images.

Concept of using gradient mesh, using gradient mesh tool and options, Applying transparency effects to objects, Creating shapes using pathfinder palette, Placing bitmap images, Cropping images using crop tool, Cropping vector and bitmap graphics using clipping mask, Creating compound paths, Understanding the use of crop area, crop marks and trim marks.
4 hrs
17 Using filters and effects and tracing images.

Using filters and effects, difference between filters and effects, Rasterizing vector objects, Tracing bitmap images using trace options.

Using layers and creating layer based animation and exporting and printing Illustrator files.
Understanding the concept of layers and importance of using layers, using layers palette, creating a basic animation using layers, Exporting illustrator file and printing options.
4 hrs