Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

Sustainability for the Post-2015 World


Topic Resource Assignment (40 marks) - 10 for attendance + 10 for class participation
1 04-Aug Basics of sustainability - What is the sustainability challenge powerpoint  
2 05-Aug Climate change Video + powerpoint Assignment 1: Calculate your own carbon footprint (5)
3 11-Aug International response to climate change - Kyoto agreement to Paris agreement powerpoint  
4 12-Aug local impacts of global environmenal problems Videos+discussion  
5 19-Aug Population Videos+discussion  
6 26-Aug Consumption Videos+discussion  
7 01-Sep Definition of sustainability, measuring sustainability + Submission of Assignment 1 powerpoint  
8 02-Sep International response to sustainability challenge - MDG & SDG   Assignment 2: Write a 2000 word essay comparing MDGs and SDGs (10)
9 08-Sep Food-water-energy interlinkage and the global challenges powerpoint  
10 09-Sep India specific issues - food, water, energy videos, powerpoint  
11 15-Sep jeffery Sachs video and assignment   Assignment 3: Write summary of main points made by Sachs (5)
12 16-Sep Story of Stuff and Story of Change, industry and development videos,  discussion Assignment 4: Analysis of waste generated by a person in a day (5)
13 22-Sep Green manufacturing and green services powerpoint  
14 23-Sep Waste management - challenges and solutions videos, powerpoint  
15 24-Sep Field visit - waste recycling facility Ref: Sonali Phadke. This is in Aundh.  
16 29-Sep Sustainability reporting in businesses powerpoint  
17 30-Sep Awareness raising campaign in college - deciding groups, topics, work plans    
18 Week of 3 Oct Actual campaign by students    
19 13-Oct Group presentations on campaign, discussion   Assignment 5: Completion of campaign + presentation (10)
20 06-Oct Rural development challenge    
21 07-Oct Urbanisation - developed Vs developing countries, India-specific powerpoint Assignment 5: Click photos of 'good' and 'bad' examples of development in Pune and prepare a poster (5)
  14-Oct Urban development efforts in India powerpoint  
  20-Oct Sustainble development challenge for Pune powerpoint, videos  
  21-Oct Assignment 5 - poster presentation discussion  
  27-Oct Course wrap up, setting up final assignment discussion