Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

Philosophical Reflections on Money & Wealth

Faculty Course Type Credits Prerequisites Semester
Mr. Aditya Nain General 4 None Any

 Brief Overview 

The aim of this course is to take a philosophical look at the phenomenon of money and its associated complexities. Money, given its central place in everyday life and in policy decisions, ought to be understand in depth and can gainfully be studied outside of the confines of economics. The course is interdisciplinary and will often refer to foundational economic and social theorists. While ethical issues are the first to arise when one mentions philosophy and money in the same sentence, this course will not be restricted to just that. In addition to questions of ethics arising out of the systematic use of money, students will gain an understanding of what may be termed the metaphysics of money. We'll also explore the socio-economic antecedents and consequences of the ascent of money.

 Course Objectives 

  • To discuss the intersection between money and philosophy
  • Explain and express key philosophical ideas with regard to money, both ancient and modern.
  • To identify contemporary issues arising out of the use of money and the monetary system.

 Teaching Methodology 

The teaching methodology will comprise of discussions regarding terms and concepts and use of audio-visual aids.


Students are expected to-

  • Follow the course by studying all the required readings
  • Submit all required assignments as detailed in the course packet available online, an invitation to which will be emailed to them.
  • Follow the online course home-page in order to keep updated with possible changes in class timings, assignment submission dates, etc.
  • Strictly adhere to deadlines for the submission of all assignments.