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History (Minor)

“Geography has made us neighbours. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies........”

John F. Kennedy 

“...History has made us friends....”Or, Has It..?Let us discover the truth of this statement through a thorough and analytical study of past events to understand and see how events hundreds if not thousands of years ago are still affecting how we see the world today. After all, the very term ‘History’ deriving from the Greek ‘Historia’ means an enquiry or knowledge acquired through investigation. During our journey we will also examine ‘histories’ to see if they do indeed reflect all sides of an event or simply document the views and opinions of the author who first penned them.

Please note that History is currently only offered as a minor, not a major.

Course Code Semester Course Title Cont. Assess Final Eval Credits Marks
  SEM III (Paper 1) Historiography, Its Philosophy and Politics 60 40 4 100
  SEM IV (Paper 2) South Asian History and Culture 60 40 4 100
  SEM V (Paper 3) Colonialism in Latin America and Africa 60 40 4 100
  SEM VI (paper 4) Contemporary Latin America and Africa 60 40 4 100
  SEM VII (Paper 5) Contemporary Middle East 60 40 4 100
  SEM VIII (Paper 6) The Emerging Global Order 60 40 4 100
    Total 480 / 360 120 / 240 24 600