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Posted by on in Language & Writing

Hap-pi-ness noun

The state of being happy
Looking at the happiness in the face of a small, playing child he didn't know, the old man felt a familiar longing in his heart

Miss verb

1 To not hit something or catch something
He tried throwing the ball back to the child, but it missed him by a huge distance.
2 To be late for something
He was walking at such a slow pace today that he missed his daily aarti at the nearby temple.
3 To feel sad because someone you love is not with you
With his fears of being left alone without children and grandchildren in his old age coming true, he missed his loving, warm parents.

Black adj

1 full of feelings of anger and hate
He was in an unusually black mood today; it was not past that he regretted, but the hazy, unknown future scared him.
2 a tea/coffee without milk
He never usually drank black coffee, but the bitterness in the taste helped him get his mind off the bitterness in his heart for God.
3 Very Dirty
His favourite grey suit got black in the dirt and mud outside; he felt annoyed because he wanted to look spotless today.
4 Sad and without much hope for the future
Reflecting on his present situation, he sat and contemplated on whether it was a black day in his life when the girl he loved got married off to someone else 50 years ago.
5 The colour black
He sat on his favourite black rosewood rocking chair and closed his eyes, lightly stroking his snow white tufts of hair.

Go verb

To start to do something or to do something
He was already going towards his wife’s bedroom when she called him.

Went past tense

He made sure that he wiped all his tears off before he went to her room

Gone past participle

Entering the room and seeing his wife lying on her deathbed, he could already sense his will to make a straight and happy face gone.

Kiss verb

To touch someone with your lips as a sign of greeting or as a sign of love
Not able to withhold his love for his dying wife who had been on his side for 48 years, he rushed towards her, held her hand, and gave her a kiss on her forehead, trying to control his tears.

Smile noun

An expression on your face in which your mouth curves upwards to show that you are happy, amused etc.
He couldn't believe that next to him was lying a woman who he didn't marry by choice, leaving that to his parents, and that he loved her so much that hoping a tomorrow without her never occurred to him. As she took her last breath, they just exchanged tearful smiles, for a life they lived for each other, surprising themselves the most in the process.

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