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Posted by on in Poetry

Fire! Everywhere! And I have been strucked down by a broken log

An Old man runs towards me, blurred. Alfred! Thank god!

"What's the use of all those push-ups if u can't pick this log?"

Nonetheless he was true, with all my strength i came through.

Helping me out of this wretched inferno, Alfred my saviour, my mentor.

Lucky, the down shaft elevator didn't catch fire

Ra's Al Ghul will dearly pay for this desire, of his.

But it was his that i burned down before, which I'm dearly paying for.

The shaft comes crashing down as i see the devil playing with fire.

From down below "Alfred, what have i done? I wanted to save Gotham,

But i failed!"

"Why do we fall Master Bruce?, So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

 So that we can learn to.."


Distant echoes have been flowing through my ears.

And i remember the time of my past years.

When i was a child, i fell into a well. Abandoned.

A small Opening i saw, Underneath. A screeching sound evolving.

Paranoia at its peak, A flock of devil's pets. The bats attack me.

Or did they? But i was scared. Scared as hell!

As scared as i screamed and screamed for help.


The bats go, but not my FEAR. It stays there with me forever until I'm there in this well.

I close my eyes to see no more, as the fear grows more and more. No one was there.

"Bruce." Wait i heard that voice somewhere..

"Bruce. It’s alright, come take my hand." Father.

"It's alright." I open my eyes and catch his hand

Out of this well, now in his hands.

He takes me to the manor, the keeper's key still in my hand

There's Rachel i shall give it to her, now it’s in her hands.

"It's Quite a fall isn't it?, Master Bruce."

"And why do we fall Bruce, so that we can pick ourselves up."

In my bed, with my not so broken leg and bagfull of uneasiness

enters my father in my room.

"Still the bats?, D'you know all creatures feel scared."

"The scary ones Father?","Especially the scary ones, Bruce."


The skyline, the train riding in supreme in the city

The greatest asset of the poor, the work of my father.

The Wayne tower, Rising high in all its glory

Left it to interested men, watching over is my father

As we go for the tonight's Opera..

The voice as magestic as it maybe, becomes darker...

The fairies turning into dark shadows...


Swirling and moving all OVER!

Fear at its PEAK!


"Father, let's go." ,"Okay, Bruce It's alright."

We move out into the streets, from the alleyway.

"Well, It was me i needed some fresh air anyway.


Moving, A man, Looks Pretty frightened. But

A GUN!, in his hand."Give me your wallet!"

"You Just want the wallet, here it is

 But you don't want to take a life so don't it"

Slippery wallet slips through the slimy hands of the man

"But i didn't say about your wife"

BANG!, Screams, Man with the gun

BANG!, No Screams, Man with the gun escapes...

My hands held to my father's, He raises his eyes for his last words

"Bruce, Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid."

All that i had in my world, gone in a frightful dust of seconds

With my parents' lifeless bodies, i looked upon in despair. No Love.

I didn't sleep the whole night, Holding my father's coat.

Inside the police station, comes in Jim Gordon    

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