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Community Outreach

Keeping in mind our Mission at SSLA, where ‘we aim to nurture students into sensitive, ethical and critically conscious citizens who will contribute responsibly to communities and society’, a one year community project is a compulsory feature.

This project aims at a compulsory but healthy interaction with other, often less fortunate members of the society, to help students understand and inculcate values and habits which assist in becoming productive, compassionate and effective citizens who make a positive difference in the lives of their families, communities and countries at large.

We ‘dream’ of a peaceful future together with the environment, which is nourished by a harmony between different classes, caste, religion and linguistic groups and all that makes India special and unique in terms of diversity. Through the various community projects we hope to provide the students the appropriate learning experience and opportunities for development through a link  to the often harsh realities of life.

In order to fulfill our dream, SSLA aims at collaborations and tie-ups with organizations which are already motivated and geared up for the service of the community, engaging a segment of the society to support the less fortunate ‘Not by Charity’ but by helping them understand and motivate values of self confidence and provide them to acquire economic independence.

  The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches
but to reveal to him his own.

Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister and Novelist. 1804-1881

To create a sense of responsibility and accountability, we expect our students to be answerable to SSLA and to the organizations we collaborate with. The aim is to learn and achieve, for both sets interacting in a community project, only then will the lop-sided balance existing within the society in all fields, can and will be eradicated so that our dreams are fulfilled.

At the end of this project the student at SSLA not only earns a maximum of 4 credits depending upon his performance and evaluations through regular reports, end of the term paper and presentations but is also a more compassionate, productive and responsible citizen of the society ready to take up new challenges.  The collaborative organization is a little closer to the goal they had put forth for themselves while the idea or the individual being supported has also gained and achieved a stronger foothold in the society.


ESL: A Collaborative Community Project Between Aman Setu & SSLA


Our first project, ‘ESL’ English as a Second Language Programme is a collaborative effort with Aman Setu, which offers our students a unique teaching and learning opportunity with children who follow the mainstream education pattern through a sponsorship programme at Aman Setu. However, these children come from families where English is not a spoken language.

In order to ensure that these children do not fall behind in their school work because of language difficulties, we have planned special weekly sessions with the students (mentors) of SSLA, so that they get required additional language inputs.

Each volunteer SSLA students (mentors) will be assigned an Aman Setu school child and will meet with him / her every Saturday at Aman Setu for a duration of 90 minutes. During these sessions, they will engage in certain pre-planned activities that will meet the goals of the programme which include.

  1. Improve the child’s conversational and functional English language skills
  2. Boost the child’s self-esteem and confidence when learning in the English language
  3. Improve the child’s comprehension of the English language
  4. Improve the child’s writing skills

Through activities like

  1. Story-telling
  2. Computer learning
  3. Group Excursions and field trips
  4. Games and Activities aimed at improving vocabulary

The certificate of completion will be presented to the student based on regular submission of weekly logs, as well as a final report and presentation to SSLA and Aman Setu on the work done during the year in the programme.


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