Community Outreach Project Reports Batch 2015

Sr. No Title of the Report
1.     People for Animals- Pune Unit
2.     Aman Setu- ESL ( English as Second Language)
3.     SSLA- Amn Setu English as a Second Language (ESL) Programme
4.     COP at Ashraya Initiative for Children
5.     Community Outreach- Aman Setu
6.     Maitri-Dhadak Mohim
7.     People for Animals- Pune Unit
8.     Shramik Bharti
9.     Volunteering at Akansha
10.  Community Outreach Project
11.  Volunteering at Aman Setu
12.  Aman Setu- Bridge of Peace
13.  Community Outreach Project AISEC In Pune -Balakar
14.  Volunteer at Sambandh Health Foundation
15.  Community Outreach Report
16.  Intern at John Hopkins University and Bloomberg school for Public Health
17.  Community Outreach Project
18.  Pune Votes
19.  Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Drafting
20.  Community Outreach Project With EcoNet
21.  Volunteering at Committed Communities Development Trust
22.  SAI Meher Foundation
23.  Sparsh
24.  The Significant Drop
25.  ResQ to the Rescue
26.  Corporate Socal Responsibility
27.  Volunteering at Aman Setu: ESL Program
28.  Shreya- Dhadak Mohim
29.  Aman Setu- ESL Program
30.  Volunteering at Aman Setu: ESL Program
31.  Aarohi, in Peora Uttarakhand 
32.  Aman Setu
33.  Aman Setu
34.  Aman Setu ESL Program
35.  Arun Aashray - Hope for Orphaned Children
36.  Aman Setu- Peace Bridge
37.  AIESEC/ Aman Setu
38.  Aman Setu- My School
39.  Community Outreach at SOFOSH
40.  The Expeditions of a Community Server
41.  Anmol Home for Girls - A Commnity Outreach report
42.  Aman Setu - Bridge of Peace
43.  Community Outreach Project with Saheli HIV/AIDS Karyakarta Sangh
44.  Saheli
45.  Maitri-Dhadak Mohim
46.  Delhi Bharatiya Grameen Mahila Sangh
47.  Building Parodi