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Our Lives… to Live; No! To Gender Violence

At a time when the entire nation is debating and discussing violence inflicted on women and the root causes of it, SSLA decided to take out two complete working days from its heavily dotted calendar to devote to a workshop on gender violence right at the beginning of the semester. In keeping with its philosophy of nurturing socially aware and responsive students, SSLA realised that it was important to sensitize students and staff members about gender related issues.

The two day workshop began with the screening of a short introductory workshop of the worldwide movement for the sensitisation of gender issues, ‘One Billion and Rising”. Following that, Ms. Radha Misra, a professor from the SNDT University, Mumbai who has been championing the cause of spreading awareness about gender issues through such workshops around the country spoke to the students about the importance of the workshop. 

The rest of the day was spent in the screening of various films from around the world dealing with issues pertaining to body image, gender stereotypes, idea of femininity and masculinity and gender related violence. Each of the film was followed by a discussion facilitated by the faculty members, where students expressed their opinion on the issues.

The second day was more intimate with many students sharing their personal experiences with the rest of the group. The faculty and students then brainstormed and came up with many measures to ensure safety of women in SSLA. The session ended with a workshop on self defence techniques by Mr. Elroy Vas, from the Krav Maga Global academy, Mumbai.