Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

SSLA Red Carpet Event: The Last Lecture

10th May, 2014

Even if you put all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in place, it is still a puzzle, not a whole picture

Professor Aditya Nain, SSLA

In todays’ world, the modern workplace demands for vibrant and dynamic individuals. Not only do we strive to enhance an individual’s academic performance by going beyond the traditional education system, but also encourage involvement in extra-curricular activities which we believe creates an all-rounded individual. Our annual day, The Red Carpet Event, showcased an enjoyable nexus of both.

This year, there was a theme involved which was voted on by the students- ‘Bring back the 90’s’. We've all had the experience of sitting down with our parents as they told us stories beginning with, "When I was your age" while they flipped through photo albums from "the good old days". This was a chance for the students to showcase the best of 90’s, resurging their favorite memories of the 90’s.

This event covered a plethora of activities, from award ceremonies, to multi-genre dance performances. The highlight of the event was the Last Lecture. The Last Lecture is conceptually inspired by “The Last Lecture” delivered by Professor Randy Pausch of the Carnegie Mellon University, when he was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Many professors give 'The Last Lecture' where they are to consider their demise and contemplate over what matters most, which also nudges the audience to ponder over this- What wisdom would we impart to the world if we knew it was our last chance? If we had to vanish tomorrow, what would we want as our legacy? Adapting it to our own innovative version, the students elect a faculty member who would deliver his or her “Last Lecture”. This year’s Last Lecture was delivered by Professor Aditya Nain, Faculty of Philosophy at SSLA.

Another memorable aspect of the event was a performance put up by the students of the Uday Shankar Style of Creative Dance. The Uday Shankar style dance was very apt considering the philosophy behind Liberal Arts. Legendary dancer Uday Shankar broke all the boundaries of the existing society and created a new genre in Indian Dance which did not exist before – the genre of Indian Creative Dance. The piece that was performed by the students and guided by Professor Sulakshana Sen, was essentially a dance drama called Prakriti Anondo by Uday Shankar based on a work by Tagore called Chandalika. The theme of this play revolved around untouchability and redemption.

The Red Carpet Event perfectly captured the essence of Liberal Arts, harmonizing the varied performances tied in with the enjoyable theme.