Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

University Facilities


Being students of a Symbiosis institute, students of SSLA have access to the libraries of all Symbiosis Institutes  in addition to SSLA’s own organically growing collection. Students are given ID cards at the beginning of the academic year, granting them access to these facilities. Symbiosis has a number of different colleges within its umbrella and thus the books available to the students is vast in number and scope.

Apart from the Symbiosis Library facilities itself, students at SSLA have institutional access to the libraries of the British Council in Pune and also Gokhale Institute of Economics & Politics. Offering our students access to these collections of books helps keep the liberal arts spirit alive. This is because students are exposed to a number of different academic subjects and areas of research.

SIU Libraries

Sports & Fitness

Students at Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts have the opportunity to use the sports and fitness facilities available at the various Symbiosis Campuses around Pune. These include a fully equiped fitness gym and a swimming pool in addition to other sporting grounds and facilities. Some of these are free to students of Symbiosis, while others are paid services that they can take advantage of.

Wi-Fi & Reprography Centre

Here at SSLA, students have access to wi-fi internet throughout the core campus, located on the 11th floor of the Vishwabhavan Building. They are each provided with a unique username and password which is used to access the internet. This facility can be used for various academic purposes, including research and communication. 

The Ground Floor of the Vishwabhavan building is home to a print and photocopy shop, which the students have direct access to. This is easily accessed within the Symbiosis campus at Senapati Bapat road.  

Canteen & Mess

Within our campus, students have access to a canteen and a mess. Most students staying on residence use the mess facility on a daily basis. The Mess food is simple but delicious and is light on the pocket. The canteen within the campus, serves a variety of snacks, drinks and meals and both Vegetarian as well as Non-vegetarian options are available. Students can get lunch, dinner and everything in between. The usual Indian cuilinary favourites are of course supplemented with some extremely popular chinese food. Whether you're looking for a cup of coffee, a simple sandwich, or a complete meal, you don't have to leave campus. 

Healthcare & Medical Insurance

The Symbiosis Society is committed to enchancing student’s lives by providing appropriate healthcare facilities. Each Symbiosis Campus is equipped with a functioning health center.  In case of emergencies, medical and if required, financial support available for each student. Atleast one doctor is present on campus 24x7. Additionally, each student is provided with medical insurance. For more details on the medical insurance, click on the link provided.