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Teams & Clubs


At SSLA all students are encouraged to organize and join associations and promote their common interests. Teams are associations wherein the students work in collaboration with faculty members whereas the clubs are solely run by the students.

The following are teams and clubs that function currently at SSLA.

Clubs Teams Cells
  • Web Team
  • Organising Committee
  • Magazine Team
  • Football Team
  • Badminton Team
  • Basketball Team
  • IT Cell
  • Community Outreach Cell
  • Career Cell
  • International Cell

Writing Club

'Inkspills', the writing club of SSLA (Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts) is a melting pot of hopeless romantics, who have fallen in love with the beautiful world of writing. Armed with life changing pens, bubbling effervescent thoughts and many a serious contemplations, these young enthusiastic writers plan to indulge in an array of activities ranging from scriptwriting, creative writing, copywriting, content writing to pursuing their journalistic instincts and coming out with a half-yearly newsletter and yearbook. Incepted on a sunny August afternoon, on a picturesque balcony over a pack of delicious Oreos, the club believes in the adage, 'The laptop is mightier than the sword'.

Film-Making Club

If you have ever wondered what it feels to stand behind a camera and utter those three magical words or if you have ever felt the urge to tell a story visually, chances are that you are already a member of ‘The Reel Picture’, the filmmaking club of Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts. ‘The Reel Picture’ is a bunch of wannabe Hitchcocks who come together to brainstorm and to witness their imagination come to life in the form of sights and sounds. With the prospect of gaining exposure to state of the art technology and a chance to learn the ropes of the trade from the experts, ‘The Reel Picture’ team is undoubtedly a privileged lot, eagerly waiting to break into the celluloid world…

Photography Club

It is often said, that a photographer’s biggest challenge is to manipulate any situation into an image of their own design. The Viewfinders are a group of people who understand and accept this challenge, to get the most of that 4:3 frame. The members of this club include both, experienced photographers and novice photographers, who will work together on a variety of activities, teaching each other as they go.

The club’s main aim is to focus on helping new photographers realize their potential, while teaching the old dogs some new tricks, with an array of workshops and critical analysis of their photos. The end objective of every semester is to have a photography exhibition in which the evolution of a photographer can be seen along with the advancement in their work.

Dance Club

Dance, a part of every culture and community. Dance, a part of every person's  life in some way or the other. Each form more different than the other. Some as a tribute to Gods and Goddesses others to welcome home coming warriors and some just for entertainment. We, the dance club at SSLA would like to provide students an introduction to these diverse forms. Dance forms like western, folk, contemporary, classical, Latin will be touched upon. Not just the dance but also the history behind them and their critical appreciation. Each form will be taken up separately and taught for a month. Depending on the response and enthusiasm it will be continued or a new form will be introduced. The highest rated and enjoyed dance form will be taken to a higher level (each form having 3 levels - beginner, intermediate and advance). Performances will also be conducted once the dance form has been mastered to a certain extent. These dances will be taught either by students or by external professionals.

IT Cell

Created as a facilitator of all the technological aspects that surround SSLA and a solution to any technological setback, the IT Cell was initially only an idea for two first year students. After two whole semesters of structuring and planning, in the month of August, 2015, the IT Cell was finally incepted under the supervision of our computer faculty and systems engineer. It started off ith a core team of four members, including the founders but soon grew with the help of new interns. After the recruitment of 18 interns, the Cell started its operations from 21st August onwards. The Cell currently has four core positions, namely, Head of Documentation, Head of nterns, Head of Maintenance and Head of Operations and a position for Interns. It also has a collaborative Website Team (managed by a former IT Cell intern) which is tasked with regular updating of the Website content. The Cell has two main objectives - to provide rapid response to ny problem concerning most electrical equipment (i.e. projector, sound system); primarily the omputer systems across the campus, and to maintain the Computer laboratory and keep it ready or use. The first objective is met by equipping the core members and the interns with the nowledge to rectify the most common problems and by holding seminars on relevant or related IT topics. The second objective is met by holding weekly maintenance of the laboratory and its computers. By keeping the interest of the student body as well as everyone else at SSLA in mind, the IT Cell plans to grow and expand as the college’s needs and demands expand and diversify.