Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

Sonali Shrikhande

Academic Cluster: Law
Discipline/s: Law
General Expertise & Interests: Constitutional Law
Course: The Indian Constitution

Ms. Sonali Shrikhande is a trained lawyer who specializes in Family and Consumer law related issues. She completed her LLM and LLB from the University of Pune. She has around 10 years of experience of having taught law at various law colleges at both, the undergraduate and post graduate level. Before she began her academic career, Ms. Shrikhande practiced law for about seven years.

In the world of academics, she is active in designing and running lawyering skills programs that bridge the gap between practice and theory. She has given numerous presentations to both NGO’s and Government Department officers with a special focus on ‘Juvenile Justice’, ‘Human Rights and Constitutional Provisions’ and ‘Basic Precepts of Criminal Justice System’.  She has also been involved in organizing various Moot Court competitions in a number of law colleges in Pune.

Born with the gift of gab, she enjoys public speaking and giving presentations on various law and community related issues. She is also a voracious reader.  Listening to music is amongst her preferred recreations.