Symbiosis International University Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

Intercultural Communication

The students of SSLA recently took part in a two day Workshop being held on Intercultural Communications. The workshop was conducted by students from the German University of Heidenheim and consisted of general interactions, culture talks as well as ice-breaking and fun activities. We were going to be split into two batches for the course of the workshop with each having different students from the University of Heidenheim.

On the first day, we were introduced to the students from Germany after which we had an ice-breaking activity and then a skit performed by them; both of which helped in bridging the gap. Towards the end we also listened to them speak about not just their culture but also culture in general and how different people can see various things differently. Then on day two, we were greeted with a lot of charts while the German students spoke about various aspects of culture and then tried to pick out certain traditions of Indian culture.

We also happened to play a game of cards and had an activity to measure our personal comfort zones, thereby exposing cultural and individual differences. Overall, as a student attending the workshop, I found it to be a very effective way of learning about different countries and their customs while also sharing the many we have in India.