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Kiran Bedi - Talk at Symbiosis

Dr.Kiran Bedi recently graced the students from various streams of Symbiosis with an interactive session. The students were given quite an inspirational talk followed by a Q&A session. Early into the afternoon - the candle lit, opening speech given and formalities dealt with - the first woman IPS Officer from our country began speaking with pride and passion about her life and how she's always dared to live a courageous life.

We listened with attention as Dr.Bedi spoke to us about her life and how her childhood greatly affected the person she is today. She grew up amongst three sisters as siblings and their parents made sure that they would be raised in such a way that they would be able to achieve  whatever it is that they wanted.

In manner of exhortation, Dr.Bedi spoke of the importance of finding a purpose or an aspiration to excel to. That a lack of inspiration isn't a good enough excuse as we can take inspiration from almost anything including family, school, college and oneself. Finally, she ended her talk by speaking about the importance of one's actions and that whatever one wishes to do he must do today. We then had the closing ceremony and a speech by our very own director, Prof. Patankar, giving a vote of thanks to Ms. Kiran Bedi for not just lighting up our day but also igniting the fire within us.

Title: Guest Lecture by Dr.Kiran Bedi
Date: Friday, 9th September, 2011
Time: 12.00pm - 2.00pm
Venue: Symbiosis Vishwabhavan, Symbiosis Campus.