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Inter-Cultural Communication Workshop by Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar

Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar, the director of The Orchid School, Pune, and an International Coordinator at the Sweden-India Project, recently conducted a workshop on Inter-Cultural Communication for the students of SSLA. A pioneer in promoting international understanding and cultural communication, Mrs. Kumar has been conducting such courses for students and professionals from all walks of life.

The workshop was focused on exposing the students to the intricacies of cultural differences. It began with a small, fun exercise where the students were provided some random objects and were asked to arrange and rearrange them into various groups, every time using a different criterion. This was meant to bring out an analogy between the objects and the complexity of relations in the human world. Mrs. Kumar then went on to talk about the various cultural idiosyncrasies found in different kinds of culture and presented a comparative study on them. She also shared some of her experiences of teaching and interacting with her Swedish and Japanese students.>

The workshop was intended to provide the students with an opportunity to improve their cultural adaptation and also their inter cultural communication skills.